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Merrick Popular Good with DogsGood with ChildrenPotties on a leashWorking on HousetrainingNeeds a fenced yardLikes to DigHigh Energy
Gender: Male Age: 6 years Status: Available
Sponsored By:
Carol Booth. Anonymous donation.

My name is Merrick, and although I’m only 6, I have quite the story. I was rescued from Illinois when I was found wandering alongside the road with a couple other beagles. I was one of the lucky ones, because some of my friends had been hit by cars. I don’t like to talk about my past too much, but it wasn’t good. I was in rough shape when I got to my foster home. I was overweight, not neutered, had sores on my private parts, had a few front teeth missing, a double ear infection and double eye infection, and had something everyone kept calling “heart worm.” This meant that I had to be on strict exercise restriction and go to the vet and stay over a couple nights to get painful shots. Boy, that was not fun, but they sure showed me a lot of love every time I went in there.

Guess what? I am now 100% heart worm free! I also am neutered, which I’m not as excited about. My teeth are completely clean. Oh, and my ears and eyes are fine too! I was given a 100% clear bill of health by the vet.

I LOVE kids, snuggles, walks, other dogs, toys, treats…well, I love everything. Oh, except my crate. When my foster parents put me in there, I began chewing on it right away. They immediately knew that is how I lost my front teeth. It just brings up bad memories.

Okay, I’m not trying to brag, but I am not afraid of ANYTHING. If there is something new, I am the first one to run up to it and give it a good sniff. I am brave, but sometimes it gets me into trouble. I want to explore everything. My foster parents said they should have named me Houdini, because I am an escape artist and am constantly on the hunt for exciting adventures. I have a lot of time to make up for! My new owners will need to make sure I don’t dig out of the yard or escape through the front door. I have had numerous adventures running through the neighborhood, and my foster parents ultimately used a tie out in addition to the fence because I am determined!

The only real requirement is that my new family be patient with me. I am still learning how to be an indoor dog, which means I have accidents. I’m sooooo much better, and now if I go, it’s right by the door. Being a family dog is brand new to me, but boy do I love it. All I want is to have a family to call my very own.