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Clarkson Popular Good with DogsNeeds Another DogGood with CatsPotties on a leashHousetrainedCrate TrainedLikes to ride in the carNeeds a fenced yardLikes to Dig
Gender: Male Age: 8 - 9 years - AARB Status: Adopted
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Kathleen Fraioli: Clarkson, you are one adorable special boy! Let's get you well and ready for your furrever home.

Hi, I am a sweet 27 lb beagle which is a perfect weight for me. I love to give kisses and am very well behaved. I am housebroken and get along well with my foster brother and sister as well as the two kitties that live with us.

I had been in my foster home since early September after being rescued from a shelter, but took a 2 week break to try out one home in January. I was not as peppy as we thought I would be, and the other dog wanted a playmate so badly that it wasn't a good fit for me, so I have been back in my foster home a few weeks. I want to try again! I know that the perfect home is out there! I was a stray but seem to be used to living in a home since I settled in quickly. I am crateable, but would rather be out in the house and am trustworthy enough to let me do this if it is OK with you! I don't mind sleeping in my crate at night or in my own bed as long as I am in the room with my people! Sometimes I want to get in the people bed, but I don't take up much room and I sleep through the night!

I love to snuggle on the couch while you are relaxing, and I love hanging out with you in the yard or going on a ride to the pet store! My foster mom takes me on outings to try different parks and I am friendly to everyone and enjoy the different sniffs. 

I was Heartworm positive, but I handled the treatment really well and have no lingering side effects! I had to spend a couple months with limited activity because of the heartworm treatment, so anytime I got to go for a walk was a huge excitement - that joy has no dissipated!

Outings are a big deal and I leap around whenever I think you are going to take me with you. I have a low to low-medium energy level so relaxing is second nature to me and I will not be bouncing off the walls. 

One small issue - I need medication for my bladder leakage. It's embarassing, but when I was lying down it would dribble out or if I was walking around it seemed like I had to go really badly that I couldn't wait. I was tested for urinary infection and it came out fine (x-rays perfect as well), so they put me on "Proin" 2x a day. It's chewable and very cheap and it works great! Over time I can be weaned down to fewer pills, but so far we are keeping it this way since it's been just under a month of being on it. 

I have a flexible personality so could do well in many types of homes, but I really want to have a buddy to hang out with. I love kids, but they need to be older. I am a bit of a wiggler and very strong on leash. I am VERY gentle, I don't jump around, but because I want to be near you a lot, I sometimes don't realize I am bumping into things like your legs (so I don't want to knock anyone down).  

I need a lot of attention, but I am a good listener and know how to stay away from things with a simple gruff "NO!", but when I am having an "all about me" moment, it takes a little more to have me understand. (Training classes would be great - I am really smart and would do well knowing more than sit, no and come!!)

Please consider adding me to your family because I have so much love to give, and I am really cute, too! Some of the silly things I do: sock fetish - loose or in a pair (clean or dirty!), I like to steal them and run away to put them somewhere else! I don't chew on them, I just like taking them! Sometimes I chase my tail a little, and other times I do some zoomies in the yard. Another funny thing is when I play like a cat, where I pick up a cow hoof or deer antler and fling it around and retrieve it before settling down to chew on it. And yes, I also play fetch!!