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Gender: Female Age: 6 years Status: Adopted

UPDATE  3/5/17: Crackers wanted to make sure you saw updates about her.  She is down 11lbs as of March 1 and still has about 7 to go.  She has made great progress in water drinking and potty-time.  Crackers will bark to let you know she has to go outside and has been left home, out of the crate, for up to 4 hours and was a perfect girl.  Her drop-it command is coming along nicely.  She will knock over the garbage can, so it has to be secure in her forever home.  Crackers will celebrate her 7th birthday in March and she would love to be in her forever home soon.  Crackers is a  medium energy who likes to walk.  She sometimes will get scared on new routes, but once she remembers the location, she loves it.  She would love nothing more than to be someones snuggle buddy.


Meet Crackers!  Crackers is a 6 year old female who needs to lose a few pounds.  Crackers lived with an elderly owner her whole life and the owner became too ill to take care of Crackers any longer.  Crackers started out at a whooping 52.4# and in early December she is at 45#. Her forever family needs to be committed to keeping her on track for weight loss. The vet is estimating that Crackers should be around 35#.  She is surprisingly agile for her size and she carries the extra weight well.  However, it is important to get her back to a healthy weight. 

Crackers is a very cute and spunky girl.  She hasn’t really played with toys, but loves slippers.  She is also a pocket demon.  She loves to stick her nose in pockets looking for a treasure of Kleenex or treats.  Crackers loves to take walks, but there is more sniffing than walking most of time, but if you are a beagle fan that is pretty much a given with beagles. 

Crackers loves to drink water and she needs to go outside frequently or else she has accidents.  Since Crackers had someone with her all the time this has become a habit for her.  She probably wouldn’t do well in a home where she is alone for long periods of time.

Crackers is working on a “drop it” command as she doesn’t like to give up the treasures she finds inside and outside.  She has a foster cat sister and ignores her. She also lives with other beagle sisters and brothers and everyone gets along very well. Crackers would like to play with the other dogs, but sometimes they don’t want to play with her. She also has the cutest little howl that sounds just like a buzzer. 

If you would like to know more about Crackers, please contact your adoption counselor for assistance.