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Sarah Popular Good with DogsNeeds Another DogDoes not Potty on a LeashShyWorking on HousetrainingNeeds a fenced yard
Gender: Female Age: 3 - 4 years Status: Available

Miss Sarah came to Midwest BREW from a hoarding situation in Iowa. She lived with 35 other dogs in a house with little to no light and rarely had human contact except from the man who fed her.   This lack of socialization has made her shy and afraid of most new situations. However, in the few short weeks we’ve had her, she has made slow progress.   She is starting to play, she is starting to ask for attention, and she is starting to find mischief in the form of stealing socks and shoes.   Surprisingly, she is a bit of an alpha, so she may do better with a more submissive female or male. We have recently had 2 foster puppies in the house and she has been fantastic with them. She plays non-stop and has even played with a cranky resident dog in our household that no one plays with. She shares ropes and bones and runs back and forth in the backyard with them. When she gets tired of playing, she simply jumps out of reach and takes a nap.

She is not all beagle - she has super long legs and runs gracefully. She is also lean, but it looks good on her. She is a joy to watch when she is running in circles in the backyard and is full of joy. She has shorter ears and a longer nose and has a super short tail. Our vet cannot tell if she was born this way or if it was removed surgically.

Sarah is going to need a super patient family with experience with fearful dogs. She seems more afraid of men and has a scary bark when she feels threatened. She is afraid of all new things so it takes time to get a harness on her to walk her or put her in the car, but once she is outside, she LOVES to walk and can walk for at least a mile. We double leash her with a harness just to be safe, but she doesn’t seem to mind. At her first adoption event, she spent most of her time in a corner or a crate, but she ventured out within a few hours and rapidly located the kind lady with treats. She is also spending more time in the dining room in a doggie bed where she can be near the humans.

Note from foster home: Sarah is a fantastic sweet dog, but she is going to need lots of patience and love to recover from her rough beginning. She will be worth it though!