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Harley Popular Good with DogsPotties on a leashWorking on HousetrainingSpecial Medical NeedsGood  for ApartmentsCouch Potato
Gender: Female Age: 2 years Status: Adopted

This is Harley! Harley came to Midwest BREW with three strikes against her. Harley has epilepsy and had not been on her medications for more than a month; she is going blind, and her owner no longer wanted her and turned her into a shelter. We knew that in the shelter she had no hope of being adopted, and would most certainly be euthanized. Midwest BREW was able to pull her and get her to me, her foster mom. What an amazing difference a few weeks in a warm safe place surrounded by love makes!!

Harley is absolutely one of those dogs who touches your heart and moves your soul. She asks for nothing more than a comfortable bed, some good food, and plenty of ear and chin scratches. When you pet her, or scratch her head, she leans into you with such a look of gratitude and enjoyment that you never want to stop. Since getting back on phenobarbital she has had less seizures, and is adapting really well to life in our home. We are still working on determining the dose needed, but she will probably need medication the rest of her life. It’s a simple pill and she takes it in a bit of soft food with no trouble at all.

She is a really smart girl, and has learned “door”, “step”, and “wait” to help her get around. She paces the house to find out where obstacles are, and after that maneuvers quite well from room to room. She does have trouble on stairways, so stays downstairs even at night. She has learned to manage the steps down the porch for potty breaks, and steps into the garage for car rides. And when that car ride is a trip to the dog park, she blossoms into the happiest dog on earth! She spins, jumps, runs, gallops, and sniffs to her hearts’ content. She listens for the sound of my voice, and trots back to me to get her bearings. Then she is off again! She has made friends with other dogs and people there, and through it all has shown no aggression. We do keep her in a separate area without the larger and more rowdy dogs to keep her safe, but so far, she has loved these adventures!

It is funny, and also a little poignant when my other dogs bark at a squirrel or another person outside. Harley wants to join in, but does not know what she is barking at. She spins, rears up on her back legs, barks, and runs around in circles! Once the barking stops, Harley stops also, and calms right down, but it is amusing to see how badly she wants to know what all the excitement is about. She gets along fine with my two dogs, but doesn’t interact with them much. She would also thrive as an only dog, getting ALL the attention and petting!

All in all, Harley would make a great companion for someone with the time and attention to give to her. She is mostly a couch potato, and a daily walk or trip to the dog park, along with some chew bones and antlers is all it takes to make her happy. She sleeps well in her crate overnight and when no one is home, and while she has had a few accidents, her potty training is improving greatly. She would love to find her forever home soon! Please let Midwest BREW know if you are interested in learning more about her!