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Biscuit Popular Good with DogsPotties on a leashWorking on HousetrainingCrate TrainedNot good in apartmentsDoesnt need a fenced yard
Gender: Female Age: 4 years Status: Adopted
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Glenda Olszowy: Here is a little something to help with Biscuit's tooth extraction. She seems to be doing very well though!

Biscuit is about 4 yrs old. She was used for breeding in her past life. Biscuit is a small beagle at 17 lbs. She has a tail which is bent downward, probably from being broken in the past. It wags just fine, however! She was timid when she came to Midwest BREW, but boy, has that changed! In her time with her foster family she has learned to play with toys, ascend and descend stairs, walk on a leash, play with other dogs, and dance for her dinner. She has a submissive personality with people, but will bark at her foster brother and sister if they get too close to her food. She has no food aggression at all toward people, and we can handle her food all we want to. She is still working on housetraining and is getting better every day. She is crate trained and her crate is always clean and dry. She is fine in her crate and does not complain about going into it at bedtime, but does sometimes bark if left in her crate when she can hear activity outside; she just wants to join us! When walking on a leash she sometimes objects and plants her feet to go no further. I have found that if I bring along a chicken flavored snack and offer that to her, she becomes more cooperative. She also enjoys walking a little more if one of my dogs comes along.

She does not have the beagle fondness for all edible things and will not accept just any treat. Her favorites seem to be chicken flavored ones. She also does not have the typical beagle need to run away, but she can wander and will need a fenced yard or tie out. We have used the tie out method, and she does fine as long as another dog, or one of her humans, is with her.

Biscuit was diagnosed with gingivitis when she came to Midwest BREW. Since then she has had 11 teeth pulled. She needs soft or canned food now, but otherwise is doing great, and doesn't seem to know that anything is different.

Biscuit is a snuggle bug who craves attention, and when she is tired she wants to lie next to her foster mom. She will ask to go up onto the couch, and she isn't really strong enough to jump up there herself. She is gentle and sweet and needs to be treated kindly. She is delicate, and small children would be too rambunctious for her, but older, respectful children will be fine. She may do best with another gentle dog in the house. She's had no experience with cats that I know of, and she does fine on our two hour car rides to the weekend cottage, even with three other beagle sized dogs in the backseat. And despite being small, she really is a lot of fun! She enjoys a good game of Chase Me with our youngest dog and spends time playing with her many toys every day. Sometimes she does laps around the living room, and is interested in following the other dogs around the backyard. She barks at her reflection in the glass doors and has barked at dinner time. She also barks at her foster brother and sister, and barks when she is playing, so may not be great in an apartment.

So basically, Biscuit is a gentle, submissive dog who enjoys attention from all people. Once she got over her initial timidness, she has shown no fear, not even to loud noises. She is a medium activity dog who loves to cuddle, but also loves to play.

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).