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Cassie * Popular Good with DogsPotties on a leashHousetrainedLikes to ride in the car
Gender: Female Age: 8 - 10 months Status: Adopted

Cassie is an 8-10 month old beagle mix. She's part beagle, part long and smallish breed(s?) Dachshund? Jack Russell? Some Basset?), 100% adorable and sweet. Very endearing. It won't be easy for us to part with her, but we're glad she'll bring joy to her new home.

She loves to run and play but is also always interested in a belly rub and/or snuggle. She wags her tail-squiggles her entire body, actually-whenever she greets you (this can occur even if you've been out of the room for only a minute).

 Cassie is enthusiastic about greeting everyone she meets, in fact, which can make walks a bit slow at times. That said, she's getting more and more adept at leash walks, and that includes readily taking care of her bathroom business on leash (also in the back yard).

She's had no accidents in the house apart from early on in her foster stay when she got so excited to see us after we'd been out for a few hours that she couldn't contain herself. And one other time early on when she was startled (she forgot my husband was home and was surprised when he came downstairs).

 Cassie is enough of a puppy still that she will seek out objects to chew on when she's not given a dog chew or toy. She has entertained us immensely by hiding her chews around the house. We occasionally come across a chew behind a couch pillow or stored on a low bookshelf.

She gets along great with her foster family's beagle (loves to play with him), and very likely would be happiest in a household with another dog.

Car rides have been no problem for her. Cassie either settles down to rest or looks out the window.