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Sally * Popular Good with DogsNeeds Another DogWorking on HousetrainingLikes to ride in the car
Gender: Female Age: 10 months Status: Adopted

Oh, Sally, Sally. You are a prime candidate for obedience school, but your foster family loves you nevertheless. When you look at us with your one brown-patched eye and one white-eyelashed eye, we melt.

Sally hasn't yet learned commands such as "off," and she hoards toys, shoes, and pieces of cardboard under the dining room table. (As least we know where to look.) But this little 10-month old beagle is full of surprises.

She is making progress in her housetraining. She is skittish at times when out on leash, but is learning that leash walks can be fun! She has learned to enjoy riding in the car, and hops right in ready to go. She likes to run and play with her beagle foster sibling. She's very affectionate, likes cuddling, and is always ready for a belly rub. She even comes running when we call her (most of the time)!

Sally is a beagle, so why should any of this be a surprise? Well, we understand that Sally and her family lived in pens outside before becoming Midwest BREW fosters. Sally seemed very timid when we first met her a few weeks ago; routine noises (like the gliding open of a sliding glass door) startled her easily. She weighs just 16-17 pounds and must have been the runt of her litter. (Her mother, Nikki, is an average-sized beagle, and her brothers Mike and Ike are sizeable beagle boys.) However, we've come to know Sally as a sweet and smart beagle who learns more each day about home life; she gives a lot back.

Take note that Sally has quite an impressive beagle arooooo for such a small girl. She also has an interesting way of crying to express discontent. She's quite communicative! We think she'll be happiest with a canine companion in a home where she's not left alone for long stretches.