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Dakota Popular Good with DogsGood with CatsNot good in apartmentsLikes to ride in the carLikes to DigCouch Potato
Gender: Female Age: 6 years Status: Adopted


My name is Dakota, I am a 6 year old female and about 40 lbs. I had a nice loving mom before I became a Midwest BREW dog but unfortunately she could no longer care for my siblings and I so the great people at Midwest BREW have given me a temporary home but now I'm on a search for my new forever home. 


I'm as friendly as can be and have yet to meet a person I didn't use my big sad eyes on to get belly rubs and ear scratches. In fact, one of my favorite activities is trying to sleep on foster mom’s face, I say the closer the better! Foster mom doesn't agree and says there needs to be this thing called personal space, I think "personal space" is overrated and would love a forever home that’s looking forward to cuddling all the time! I’m happiest on the couch but love car rides and walks. Foster moms sassy pants cat and I get along just fine.


Foster brother and I are best buds but I'm not a fan of big dogs at the dog park and I tried to pick a fight with them. I would love to have a sibling but also think I would be fine soaking up all the attention. I do great in the car. I had a couple accidents when I first arrived before I got the routine down. I don't ask to go out but with regular reminders and following foster brother’s lead I've gotten the schedule down and haven't had any accidents since. I’m only home alone for a couple hours at a time, so I am not positive I would be able to make it a full 8 hours but foster mom thinks it would be okay. I'm fine hanging out in my crate but I earned free run at foster mom’s house and haven't caused any problems being left out of my crate. I also walk nicely on a leash if I do say so myself.


My other special skills include squirrel alarm system, AROOO. Sometimes I sound my alarm in the house and foster mom isn't sure what I am alerting her to, for this reason I may not be the best fit for an apartment as this happens often. I'm also an excellent vacuum cleaner; a crumb isn't going to make it past me! Sometimes I "clean up" food that isn't on the floor yet right out of foster mom’s hand. Foster mom says this isn't nice and hurts her hand, but I'm not too sorry about it and would probably do it again if given the opportunity. It would probably be best not to be tempted by little kids with food in their hand, I don't want to hurt them but just might if they have a cheerio that I want. I'm also learning my manners. I'm starting to get sit but "off" is a work in progress and I hate to knock a little person down by jumping, I'm just very excited to see them. One of my favorite past times is also digging, foster mom caught me breaking and entering the garden. I told her I was helping with fall clean up by digging up the tomato plants, she didn’t find it very helpful but I’ll need a watchful eye when I’m out in the yard.


I also require 2x daily eye drops that will cost about $30/month. I’m a pro at letting foster mom give them to me. I’m as sweet as they come and can’t wait to share my love with my new forever home!&