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Rodger * Popular Good with DogsNeeds Another DogHousetrainedLikes to ride in the carNeeds a fenced yard
Gender: Male Age: 3 years Status: Available
Sponsored By:
Teresa Aguilo: In honor of Audrey. Ryan Buren: Prayers for you Rodger! There's a bright future ahead :) Sandra Menden: In memory of our beagle Linus.

From Rodgers foster family:

Rodger is an approximately 3 year old beagle mix that weighs 25 lbs. We did a dog DNA test on him and he is 80% beagle and 20% Jack Russel Terrier. Rodger has had a horrible life and lived on a chain in a cardboard box and was seldom fed. He was skin and bones and very weak when the dog wardens confiscated him. He has large scars on both ears from frostbite.  Once at the animal shelter he had to live in a small cage for 2 months while the cruelty case went thru the courts. Once he went to his foster home at the beginning of October it was learned that he had heartworms, parasites, and ehrlichia and started treatment for all three. Now heartworm free, healthy, and with a few much needed added pounds he is ready for his forever home.

When we first got him he of course had no house manners and wasn't house trained. We have worked diligently on both but his new family will need to continue to work with him.He has strong legs and can jump on the counter and climb over our 41” baby gate if he thinks he can get to food. All food needs to be stored off the counters and table. He would benefit from an obedience class and since he is so smart would excel. We have taught him to sit for a treat and he has learned our dog door and is now house trained.  He absolutely adores other dogs and since we foster and dog-sit so many dogs he has made friends with each of them, both big and small. 

Because of everything he has been thru he does have separation anxiety and would do best with someone that is home most of the time. He does not like the crate when he is left alone and you won't be able to leave a dog bed in it as he will chew it up.  He does sleep in a crate all night by my bed with no problems.  I also think he would do best with another dog as he loves to play. We have found that when we leave him by himself he can be destructive but if he has a doggie friend he is better. He loves to chew and we give him lots of things to chew on and lots of toys. 

Rodger is the most sweet, loving and happy little dog ever. He is very confident and not one bit shy. He is content sitting on your lap being petted for hours. His tail never stops wagging! He will be your shadow and follow you everywhere you go.  He's got a short coat and sheds very little.We seldom hear him bark and he rides well in a car. We find that a lot of exercise is good for Rodger and now his very favorite part of the day is his daily walk and he does very well on a leash. He's very polite when we meet other dogs on our walk and does not bark at them. He loves all the kids that run up to him to be petted while on our walks. 

This little fella has been through a lot and needs someone that is patient and understanding. He bonds easy and will be a devoted member of your family. Contact your adoption counselor if you would like to know more about Rodger.

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).