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Marta * Popular Good with DogsNeeds Another DogGood with CatsPotties on a leashHousetrainedCrate TrainedLikes to ride in the carNeeds a fenced yardLikes to Dig
Gender: Female Age: 9 years - AARB Status: Available
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Karen Kaminsky: Sometimes, there is that special beagle face that just speaks to you. She has it. God bless her and the people who care for her. Kathryn Block: You have captivating eyes, Marta. Feel better soon! Karin Beil.

Hi, I'm Marta. I'm a little lemon beagle, about 9 years old and 18 pounds of beagle cheekiness! I am extremely adorable, and I love to be talked to and will gaze up at you with my big beautiful eyes looking very serious. I really love humans, and other dogs, and running, and food! I am VERY into snuggling. In fact, sometimes my foster mom wishes I knew a little bit more about personal space because I can roll myself into a tight little bowling ball and wedge myself in closer to you than anyone would think possible!  I do this to the other dogs at my foster home too, even the ones who don't like to cuddle, but they know I don't mean to be rude. They are getting used to receiving so much extra love all the time!

My foster mom says I am a "Velcro Beagle" and thinks having me around feels like having a busy little human toddler tagging after you all day "helping" you do things. I am curious and nosy. 

I really will need a family with a nice fenced yard for me, since I really like to hang out in the yard a lot when it is warm. When it's cold, I need to go out and in quickly because my fur is thinner than other beagles, and feels like a soft velveteen rabbit! Oh, and speaking of bunnies, they are so beautiful, I just love to see one in the yard, and then you might hear my adorably creaky little howl! I am truly on the quiet side for a beagle and don't say much unless I need to alert you to a little bun in the yard I know you won't want to miss seeing.

I am pretty good at digging under a fence, and I do like to climb things like furniture. I am a beagle who loves to follow her nose after all, and I am pretty good at getting where I want to go. I am not destructive, but I WILL drink your coffee if you aren't looking.

I love being a part of a pack, and have probably been in with other beagles my whole life. I think something is seriously wrong if I am by myself, and it makes me really anxious. I am hoping to find a home with at least one other dog friend for me, and hopefully two humans or more (because I require a full-time human for my personal petting requirements, so it would be most fair to the other dog if there is a pair of hands for each of us). I have no problems with being in a multi-dog pack too. I seem to get along with everyone and even keep things running smoothly. My foster mom thinks I am like the HR manager of the pack.

I am just a teensy bit bossy because before I retired to be part of Midwest BREW, my job was raising tons of puppies and teaching them how to mind their manners. Don't worry, you won't even know I'm training you. ;)

I do like to go for a walk on the leash, and I am a good rider in the car. And I am very, very committed to sleeping in a human bed. In fact, I think I had probably better let you know that I will need a family that is going to let me sleep with them because I want to be with my pack at night. Otherwise, it's just not safe, you know?

I certainly will keep you laughing and delight anyone who loves cheeky little beags like me. Thank you for considering me!

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).