Myles Popular Potties on a leashWorking on HousetrainingCrate TrainedLikes to ride in the car
Gender: Male Age: 9 - 10 years - AARB Status: Available
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Sylvia Roe: In loving memory of Julie Swope, one of the kindest, caring, loving, strong women to walk down this path of life. I'll never forget Julie, for her love of Beagles, family and friends, and her positive spirit in the darkest of days. Fly high and free, sweet Julie. Maria Allen. Barbara Klaczak. Mike Bender: Two older gentlemen wanting to help an older beagle boy - Mike & Rick.

Myles is a true rescue. He was seen being tossed out of a truck. The driver behind stopped and picked him up, and he was later taken to the vet as they thought he should be put down. Fortunately for Myles, the vet thought he had more life to live, and we were contacted to help him.

It is obvious Myles has had a bad life and was never taken care of. Midwest BREW started patching up his physical problems. He was neutered, and had surgery for an inguinal hernia. That surgery was successful, but unfortunately it created a hernia on the opposite side. He also had a hole in his rectum. Both have now been successfully repaired. Myles also needed some emotional repair due to mistreatment. At first, if you touched him, he would freeze and tense, expecting to be hurt. He now knows that good things happen when he’s touched, and has really responded to love and attention.

Myles likes to walk, but stumbles occasionally as he has arthritis, and walks with a limp. He shows very early signs of kidney disease and eats a prescription food which has helped tremendously. He is mostly housetrained, but does wear a belly band in the house. He’s great in the car. He would like a home where he is the only dog. He has learned to co-exist with the other dogs in his foster home, but he is not a big fan of all of them. Myles has at least several more years of life that he deserves to enjoy. Please let Midwest BREW know if you’d like to share those years with him.

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).