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Gender: Male Age: 7 - 8 years Status: Available
Beagle mix
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Susan Wenner: Heal quickly & find your loving forever home soon!

Hello my name is Techno or Tech for short. I'm a 7 or 8 year old handsome beagle boy mix who is looking for his forever home. Have you ever asked the question, "who's a good boy"? Well, that's me!  My foster parents say I'm one of the best they know! 

I grew up in Buckeye country where I bounced from my family to a few others before landing at Midwest BREW. The people with Midwest BREW got some lumps removed from my legs and boy, was I glad they did. One came back as cancerous but don't worry, they got good margins so it shouldn't come back. It’s been a long road for healing. My incisions took their time to heal because they sit right where I bend my knees. I'm happy to say they are now healed.

We also found out I have hypothyroidism which is probably why I'm such a chubby boy. I will need thyroid pills for the rest of my life and I'm also working on losing weight. The thyroid pills are super cheap, only a few dollars a month. As you might know, losing weight is hard for a beagle boy. We love our food! I currently weigh 79 pounds. My vet said 65 is good goal weight for me.

I'm housebroken and haven't had an accident in the house. I tell my foster mom and dad when I need to go potty. I sleep through the night on my comfy bed. I know how to sit, stay, shake, and a few other tricks. I walk well on just a collar and leash for the most part. I do tend to pull at the beginning of my walks and if I get distracted by a good smell, I’m kind of hard to move!

I take food and treats gently from your hand and I don't growl at my people when they take food or a bone from me, however, I'm a little possessive of my bones around other dogs. I don't like to share those with my foster sisters so I might be better as an only dog.

Some people think I would be a perfect match for an older couple as I do have couch potato tendencies but my foster family has seen hints of my young spirit and think I would do well with a family with kids or an active lifestyle to help keep me young. I'm a ready-made companion. No training necessary!  I love car rides and get super excited to chase the laser pointer.  I also love to be petted and brushed.  I don't bark much but do when I'm excited to see my foster family. They haven't heard me howl yet, but that might not be my thing. I am good with other dogs at the dog park and have shown little interest in my foster cat siblings.  If you are looking for a purebred beagle, i'm probably not your boy but if you are looking for the perfect mix, I might be the man for you.

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).