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Gender: Female Age: 7 years Status: Available
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Sara Porter: Good luck on the treatment! What a sweet girl! Frank Benadum: In memory of our 18-year old Tootsie who passed on 02/12/2018.

Well, hi there, sweet, sweet, tail-wagging, pretty perfect (if I may say so myself) Kate here, ready to find a forever home! I am around 7 years old and my former owner passed away, so the family put my brother and I in a shelter to find new homes. We were nice siblings, but very independent from each other, so it’s okay that we are apart, though I did get to see him again recently and it was tail-waggin’ happy fun for a bit! I’d say it’s pretty obvious that we were loved and feel certain our past owner would love for us to live our lives with a family that will continue that adoration minus an overabundance of treats!

I get along with everybody, people and animals alike. Foster mom has flute students come in two days a week and I greet and love all of them, even their little siblings. I do live with three foster-dog siblings and only raised my hair when I met the giant one (he was huge….and drools!), but soon learned that he was harmless and we all get along wonderfully.

Foster mom says that my biggest challenge is I need to lose weight. I am a very good sport about less food, some green beans, minimal treats and exercise. I love, love, LOVE my walks and when I come in after a walk, I act like I should get a treat, so I do a little happy dance! Some ear scratches, belly rubs and sweet talk totally suffice, and I am content. If the day isn’t too warm, I can walk 1+ miles twice a day. Foster mom says I have a cute little waddle……wonder if that’s a compliment?! I don’t care…. I love her…. I love everyone who loves me! I have already lost three pounds and I am pretty excited about that! My added weight has probably caused me to snore more than average, but even that is getting better! My endurance has gotten so much better on our walks since I’ve taken off a little weight and I only pant when it’s pretty warm out. When I trim down to a healthy weight, it’ll be better on my joints, and I will probably play more. Foster mom says I have such a young, sweet, loving and joyful spirit, and taking off a bit more weight will be good for me!

I am a pretty relaxed, happy girl, who loves to nap in the same room you are working in, or even in my open crate. I am not a morning person, but I will get up when you say, and then run right back to my crate and snore until I hear breakfast being served or a walk being offered! I am not a barker\howler very often and listen very well. I don’t have accidents in the house, and run to the door when I have to go! I like\use doggy doors too, but don’t have fulltime access to one here at my foster home, so it’s okay if you don’t have one. I’d sure love to find a new forever home. I promise to be loyal, good, happy, and make you smile…..foster mom says I am wonderful at all of those things! Are you a home that will provide consistent walks and help me to continue to get to and stay at a healthy weight? It would be so awesome if I had a home to call my own again.

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).