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Gender: Male Age: 2 years Status: Adopted


Zippy has fostered in my home for a few weeks now. He has made great progress! He is comfortable going in and out of our doors, and much better getting a leash clipped on. His house training, although not yet 100%, is much better also. We have been visiting public places that are dog friendly, and practicing going in and out, and he is improving, although he is still fearful of automatic sliding doors. With a little more practice in both pottying outside only and going through doors, he will have forgotten his fears and be the good boy that he was intended to be!



Hello dere! I am Zippy! That’s my name! It also describes how I run! I am about 2 years old, and still have lots of puppy in me, so I love to play and run. Foster Mom takes me to the dog park so I can run off leash, and boy, do I love that. I also love, love, love people! Especially kids! And I love, love, love, other dogs! I want to play with every dog I meet. I don’t understand why some other dogs don’t want to play too. Sometimes I give them kisses! And the people too. I love, love, love to give kisses!

I am good in my crate all night, but don’t like it so much in the day time when my foster sisters are out running around. But I do like to “sample” things, like furniture, shoes, electrical cords, so Foster Mom says my forever home should be very Beagle Proof! She gives me something safe to chew on if she has to leave. Here she is to tell you a little more about me:

Zippy has some fear issues. For the first few days he huddled in a corner, and would not come out to greet us, or get a leash on to go outside, or go to the kitchen for meals. He has come a long way since then, and feels comfortable and at home here, but still is very reluctant to cross a threshold to go outside (or come back inside) and does not do well on a leash. He either tries to chew it, or just lies down and refuses to walk. He is improving, but will take some time and patience. I pick him up and carry him if I need him to go somewhere he is reluctant to go. Because of his fear issues, housetraining is not very successful so far, and will still take some time. All this while being totally charming and adorable! Zippy is very easy to love!

Hello dere! It’s me, Zippy, again! I wanted to tell you my wish list for a forever home. I would like a family with kids, but I’d be ok with just older folks if they are willing to play with me. I would love to have a fenced in yard (Foster Mom says she is sure that would help with potty training) but I don’t have one in my foster home and I’m doing ok. I would love to have a buddy to play with! I love other dogs so much!

I would love a dog park or a place to run to burn off all this puppy energy, and I would like to practice with you on walking with a leash. I’m still learning! I love car rides, and would love to go with you wherever I can. And I would love a soft dog bed, lots of toys, good food, and a comfy couch to snuggle with you on! If you think I’m the guy for you, and can help me get past my fears, I would love to be your forever Beagle! Contact Midwest BREW to find out how to adopt me!

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).