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Trail * Popular Good with DogsNeeds Another DogHousetrainedNot good in apartmentsLikes to ride in the carNeeds a fenced yard
Gender: Male Age: 8 years - AARB Status: Adopted


So pardners, my name is Trail, like going down the dusty trail in the old west. My foster home calls me Trey, but you can call/name me whatever you want.

My favorite thing is PEOPLE. I will come and sit in front of you so you can pet me for as long as you are willing to. But because of this I get a little nervous when you leave the house. So my foster parents say I need another dog in the house to keep me company.

And if the other dog likes to play, I am good with it. I stayed in another home while my foster parents were on vacation, and I played with two of their dogs. And we had a beagle guest here, and I wanted him to play with me.

And even though I love attention, I am not a cuddler. If you put me in your lap, I jump out of it, or if you sit by me on the couch I will move away. I love to sleep on the couch though.

I also need a fenced yard as I love to be outside running around, (I will chase and play with toys a little) or just lying in the grass and watching the world go by. If you are not out there by me, I will come inside, make sure you are all right, and go back out.

I do all right in the car. But you can tell it is not my favorite thing. I will stand and pant like I am nervous. And we have only gone on short walks, but I do pretty well on those.

One thing I am not a big fan of is being crated. I will go in there but have chewed up the pad on occasion. I have been left with the run of the house and done fine. Though I do have a touch of what might be considered separation anxiety – which is why I always want to be by you, or be able to get to you. If my foster parents are outside, they make sure I can get into the yard (fenced) to watch them, or leave the front door open so I can watch them out the screen door. I will bark or whine for a couple of minutes when you leave, but my foster parents make sure to do the same routine of leaving through the garage door every time so I know they are going away, versus still home but where I can’t get by them, and I settle down on the couch by my foster brother.

I have done pretty well with my house training. I don’t really have a sign that I need to go out and since the weather being nice, I and my foster siblings are outside all the time.

I also have gotten along great with my foster siblings, and nothing seems to bother me. Well foster dad putting me in the kiddie pool to cool off, maybe not my favorite thing! LOL!

My foster parents say overall I am one of the biggest sweeties they have ever met.

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