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Morgan * Popular Good with DogsPotties on a leashHousetrainedCrate TrainedLikes to ride in the car
Gender: Male Age: 1 year Status: Adopted

Let me introduce myself. My name is Morgan, as in a boy, like Morgan Freeman, you know, the famous actor! I am certainly a shining star in my foster home. I weigh around 25 pounds and am around 1 year old. I am a handsome bluetick beagle (just like my foster brother!). I get along with everyone, people and dogs alike. I have spent a weekend around two other dogs and foster mom’s grandchildren and I was wonderful. We even took a 2 ½ hour drive to get there and I was seat belted in the back seat, with my harness, and I traveled wonderfully. I respond to the word, “no” very well and I “sit” on command, especially if there are treats involved! I love to be petted and will cuddle up with you on a couch often, if I have had some exercise! I walk really well on a good harness and leash and can do long or short hikes with you a few times a day, if you’d like! I love being outdoors. I am not a big barker, unless I want another dog to play with me. I am crate trained and will sleep there at night and go in with a treat filled Kong if you need to go away for 1-4 hours. I love to play with toys, inside and out in the yard. I am potty trained and even scratch at the door to go out and come inside! I have not been a “marker”, even on walks! I am treat driven, so training is easy! I love being near my people, and will be a quiet, loyal shadow, just to be close to you!

So, what’s the bad news about me? Well, personally, I don’t see any problems, but here is what foster mom has to say: “Morgan’s most negative trait may be that he has an insistent bark when he wants another dog to play with him. Distracting him by playing ball or tug of war can usually get him to stop! He is not a barker any other time, but he loves to play, so if he goes to a home with another dog, he’d love a play buddy! Morgan is also a younger boy and would do well with someone who loves to take walks or even hikes a number of miles! He’s got great endurance and loves his walks! Neither of those traits is unreasonable, given his age, and personally, both of those traits have made him a fun, energetic, loveable dog”.

Well, I still don’t see much negative about me……I think I am a pretty happy, loveable, well-behaved, handsome boy, who would love a forever home with someone, soon!! Could that be with you?!

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