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Coppersmith * Popular Good with DogsPotties on a leashHousetrainedLikes to ride in the carNeeds a fenced yardFence JumperLikes to DigHigh Energy
Gender: Male Age: 2 - 3 years Status: Available

Meet Coppersmith AKA Copper!  Copper is a gorgeous 22 pound tri-color male and approximately 2 1/2 years old.  Copper is full of personality, curiosity and energy.  He is a very playful beagle and loves interacting with other dogs and people alike.

Copper loves soft plush toys (and ripping the stuffing out of them), chew toys, bones and balls. Copper especially likes to wrestle, play tug-a-war and run off with toys he snagged from his foster brother to make him chase him.  Copper can get a little excited and play a bit rougher than his brother likes sometimes but he usually leaves his grumpy 12 year old foster sister alone completely.  Copper can also entertain himself with toys and is quite happy throwing a ball in the air and running after it.

Copper is a very athletic beagle.  He is a fast runner, can turn and bend quickly and can jump 5 feet.  Getting on top of counters is easy for this curious and mischievous boy so making sure tasty cupcakes or bread are put away is important.  He also is smart and patient and has no problem waiting for you to leave the room to begin his adventures.  Of course he has that incredible "but look at how cute I am" expression when he gets caught.

Copper has a strong prey drive.  He will search the fenced in yard for escape routes and will try digging his way to the other side just to see what is there.  He pulls on leash but walks just fine if the leash is clipped on the chest part of the harness.  He thoroughly loves going on walks and sniffing all around the neighborhood.  He sometimes goes on runs with his foster mom and is a great running companion.

Copper is generally a quiet boy during the day when his people and dogs are home.  He will howl at people walking by or if he gets a whiff of something interesting in the air.  He also gets a bit upset when his people leave or if the other dogs get to go on a walk without him.  He isn't too fond of the crate either and will let you know about it.

Copper is very loving and regularly offers up hugs and kisses.  He sleeps through the night on a dog bed or chair.  He gets excited around mealtime but will quickly sit his still-wiggling behind down so he can get his dinner.  He knows Sit, Down and is working on Stay and Come.  He is a smart little boy and picks up things quickly.

Copper would make a wonderful addition to an active family or a family with a dog needing a playmate.  Copper would love a home that gives him the exercise he craves, engages his mind, is entertained by his antics and most importantly, will love him forever.

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).