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Dewey * Popular Good with DogsGood with ChildrenPotties on a leashHousetrainedLikes to ride in the carCouch Potato
Gender: Male Age: 16 years - AARB Status: Available
Sponsored By:
Anonymous donation: In loving memory of Ginger. Dewey hope you will be feeling better soon. Alex & Kimberly Mihail: In memory of Kurt Woodbury. Anonymous donation: Go Dewey Go! Lauren Brooke: Hope you are doing well sweet Dewey!! Becky Coulter: For your teeth, sweet old boy. Patricia Firth: In loving memory of Elliot and Laney. Lydia Fields. Rose Anne Everson: Beagle Bailey sends an aaaarrrroooo to cheer you on to wellness! Ch Metz: Feel better soon! Marsha Fenton. Anonymous donation. Lee Peng Lim: All the best to Dewey's recovery and adoption. Don & Joyce Woehler: Thank you for helping Dewey!! Christine Pierce: Get well soon Dewey - and a big thank you to your foster family for helping you get better! Paul Romine: Good Luck Dewey from Lil Man. Jim McGovern: In memory of our beagles that have passed - Gilligan, Gidget and Boggs. Troy Burroughs: In memory of my best buddy, Copper. Thomas and Margaret Wasileski.

Hi Everyone! My name is Dewey and I am a pure breed male beagle around 16 years old. I am available now for my forever home. I am a happy, friendly boy and I love to hang out with the other dogs here. I love to spend the day following my foster mom around or following the other dogs here. I also love to take my naps during the day. I get along with the other dogs here and we just snuggle up together and chill out for a while during the day. I love being petted and just being loved on. I didn’t get a lot of attention where I came from, so I am digging all the attention here.

I would do well in a home with little or no stairs as I have some arthritis in my legs. I can be a little vocal because I get scared when I can’t find you. So, condo living is probably not for me.

I have good manners; I do not jump on people, I do not pull on my leash, I eat my food slowly, I wait patiently to be fed and I do not beg. I know that sounds pretty good right, well I am a good boy.

I have been a busy boy here as I am working on some commands because I am deaf and my eye sight is not the best, but I have learned the come hand signal and working on other hand signals. I can even use the doggie door here. I do have to go potty often and I am on a medicine to help with this. I wear a diaper at night just in case, but most times it is dry.My foster mom puts me out a lot so I don’t have accidents. And I have not had any accidents in the house for two weeks now. Also, I like car rides, and belly rubs of course. I do not like the crate but at my age you don’t have to worry about any chewing or getting into trouble. I can roam free in the house all day and night and I’ve been a good boy.

I recently went to the vet and had all my shots, a dental treatment and ears flushed. I weigh 28 pounds and I am tri-color. Unfortunately, they had to pull many of my teeth so I only have 5 left. Because of this I have to eat wet dog food or dry food soaked with water and very soft treats.

As you can see, I am looking for that family that has a big heart, so I can be part of their family. If you are looking for a sweet, lovable, friendly, adorable, chill beagle, I’m your boy. Now you know you can’t pass up a dog like me so remember my name is Dewey and I would love to be your BEST FRIEND and have a forever home. I deserve one don’t you think?

If you would like to know more about Dewey, please contact your adoption counselor for assistance.

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).