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Madison * Popular Good with DogsNeeds Another DogPotties on a leashShyWorking on HousetrainingCrate TrainedGood  for ApartmentsLikes to ride in the carNeeds a fenced yardFence Jumper
Gender: Female Age: 5 - 6 years Status: Available

Have you ever heard "At first I was afraid, I was petrified"?

Just like that song, that is where my story starts. I was not in a great situation, which is why I was rescued. But don't worry, my story gets better...

Since I have been at my foster home, I have come out of my shell. I want to tell you about it, because I may not act like myself when we first meet. This is who I am once I trust you. 

Thanks to confident foster dog siblings, I learned how to give and receive so much love. I absolutely love playing with them, whether they want to or not.

I cannot get enough attention from my humans! I am more than happy to get picked up and hugged, and I crawl right up onto their shoulders and lick their faces when they are on the couch.

I was scared of everything. Even today, I won't go outside if I'm not on a leash. I am interested in other dogs, but with people I’m still learning. It would be great to be in a home with mostly grown up family members. Kids are great, but I need to ease into being around little ones.

I have learned that I LOVE FOOD! I get so excited when it's dinner time that I do a little hopping spinning dance when they are dishing out my meals. I also love doggie treats, baby carrots, and bananas!

I'm working on the bathroom thing so bear with me. My foster parents want me to potty outside, and I do piddle on walks, but it's scary out there. I have the potty pad down. Be patient, I know I will get it the outside thing eventually.

I get excited though, so be careful with me because I do like to race out the door. Luckily, my foster home is a condo, so I can only get into the hallway if I get out. We also have a doggie gate, but I like to treat it like a hurdle and just jump over it when I am excited. I can't wait for my humans to get up in the morning!

There are a few things that will keep me safein my new home. My new family should consider a double lead leash for me, so it can be clipped to my collar and my harness. My foster home has a GPS collar, which I like. I hope I never get lost from my new home, but if I do, I want you to find me quickly!I’d like to have a home with a fence too so I can safely explore with my nose!

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).