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Mae * Popular Good with DogsPotties on a leashWorking on HousetrainingCrate TrainedGood  for ApartmentsLikes to ride in the car
Gender: Female Age: 1 year Status: Adopted
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Dianne Zazac: in loving memory of Rosie and Daisy. Maryellen Pobloske: Hope you’re feeling better soon, Mae.

Mae-be baby, I'll have you
Mae-be baby, you'll be true
Mae-be baby, I'll have you for me (all for me)

“Buddy Holly and the Beagles”


Hi! My name is Mae! Are you out there looking for me? Mae-be one day I’ll be yours. I’m a pretty quiet little girl, weighing in at only 22 pounds. I don’t have a lot of white fur, or the traditional white tipped tail, but I’m a beautiful black and tan, with tiny twin white spots (about 13 hairs) above my eyebrows! I do have beautiful glowing golden eyes though! I have been in my foster home a little while, and I’m getting more comfortable every day. Foster mom says my personality is really starting to show, and I’ve left my past behind me. She also says my mischief is starting to show! The other day I helped myself to an iced coffee that was sitting on a table. I couldn’t get the lid off, so I just knocked it over and started lapping away!

I get along great with the other two Beagles here, and sometimes we run and chase each other at the dog park. I love to run at that place, and would like one close to my forever home, or a big back yard to run in.I get pretty nervous around the larger dogs though; tuck my tail and try to hide. I would prefer a home with only smaller dogs. I jump at the chance to go for a car ride, and always hope it means we are going on an adventure. You do have to be careful when opening doors, because I will dart right out between your legs! I don’t really want to run away, I just like to be outside. But foster mom is extra careful whenever someone opens a door.

Otherwise, I’m pretty laid back, and love my naps. I do fine in a crate, but foster mom has given me run of the house because I am not destructive. Run of the house usually means I nap on the couch instead of in my crate! I have had an accident now and then, but it’s always been when no one pays attention to let me out! I don’t bark, or scratch at the door, I just kind of stand there. Speaking of barking, the only time I do is when the other dogs get excited and start barking at a squirrel or neighborhood dog. Then I’ll join in! I hardly make a peep when I’m inside though, and I would be ok in an apartment, as long as I got plenty of exercise and a chance to make friends with other dogs.All in all, I’m just about the best companion you could hope for. I am pretty smart, quiet, and lovable, and I’m all Beagle in silliness, snugliness, and personality! I think Mae-be you better bring me home!

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