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Home Our Dogs Adopted Bessie and Buster *
Bessie and Buster * Popular Good with DogsCrate TrainedLikes to ride in the carNeeds a fenced yard
Gender: Age: 4 years & 1 year Status: Adopted

Meet Bessie and Buster! Although they weren’t raised together these 2 best friends have become very bonded in their foster home and will be adopted together.

Bessie is a small, approximately 4 year old, Beagle girl that weighs 25 pounds and is super sweet but timid. She was found as a stray and spent time in a county shelter. She has probably lived her life outside on a chain or in a kennel. It may take a while for her to warm up to you. Loud noises scare her. She will need time and patience to help with her fears. But once she gets to know you she loves being petted and belly rubs. We are teaching her how to walk on a leash but cars passing by, wind chimes and even lawn mowers scare her. She gets better each day. We keep a GPS collar on her and it will go with her to her new family for a donation to Midwest BREW. She has a tendency to chew so she needs chew toys and you’ll need to keep items out of her reach. Bessie is currently being treated for Lyme disease with 30 days of antibiotics but has no symptoms. We are working with her on house training and if on a schedule she does well. There may be a few accidents in the beginning until she gets on your schedule.

Buster is a 1 year old gorgeous Beagle/Bassett mix that weighs 35 pounds and is as sweet and gentle as they come. He was a stray in a small town and has never had his own family. His ears feel like velvet and he loves them rubbed. He also loves belly rubs. He is such a good boy. He loves his daily walks and is getting use to walking on a leash. But if he sees a squirrel you better hang on! His nose stays on the ground for most of his walk. He is house trained.

Buster helps Bessie gain the confidence that she needs to help with her fears. They love spending time outside running, playing with each other, and then napping side by side so a secured fenced yard is a must along with a family that enjoys spending time in the backyard with them. Bessie will do best in a quiet and calm household with a loving and patient family to help her come out of her shell and learn to trust. They both know how to use a doggie door. Their favorite game is to see how many stuffed toys they can take outside. They both get along great with the 2 resident beagles.

As with most beagles they both love food and will sit for a treat.Both sleep beside my bed at night in separate crates and don’t make a peep. They have access to the house while I’m at work. They also ride well in a car. They have both been spayed/neutered, are up to date on their vaccines, and micro chipped.

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).