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Rosie * Popular Good with DogsBad with CatsHousetrainedCrate TrainedLikes to ride in the carNeeds a fenced yardHigh Energy
Gender: Female Age: 3 - 4 years Status: Available

Hi there! I’m Rosie, an adorable petite girl, approximately 3-4 years old. My foster mom likes to call me her stubborn little child, because I have a mind of my own and occasionally like to get into mischief. I’m slowly working on some commands, but so far, I’ve really only semi-mastered ‘Crate’, ‘Focus’ and ‘Hands off’. I’ll need quite a bit more work when it comes to other commands. I do however, respond to my name and also come when my foster mom whistles. She tends to whistle when I’m actively ignoring her, but that gets my attention very quickly! I’ve almost got this house-training thing mastered too! I know which door to go out and alert my foster mom when I need to go. Occasionally I’ll have accidents in my crate overnight, or during my foster mom’s long work days, so it might be nice to have someone that’s able to let me out more throughout the day. When I’m in my crate, I do whine and yip some when my foster mom leaves me to go to work, but at night I settle down very quickly and go to sleep.

I’m a very sweet little girl and want ALL the cuddles, and I am not afraid to push my 80lb foster brothers out of the way to get them! I get along well with both of them, but we don’t play much. I’d be okay with a sibling, or by myself getting all the love. I would probably do best in a home with no cats. My one cat sibling tends to hang around my food and sleeping area a lot, and I tend to be a little protective over my stuff, and so I’d probably do better without them around. I occasionally will protect my stuff from my big brothers too, but I’m learning that we each have our own spaces and food, so I’m getting better. I’m also learning that toys are an amazing invention! I love to run around with them and chew on them, although it still scares me a little when they squeak at me. I’m somewhat of a couch potato, but man, when the zoomies come on- I have so much fun!

I’ve only really barked a few times, so my foster mom hasn’t heard my beagle bay yet. However, I certainly have the beagle nose and can be quite stubborn about pulling and listening when I’m on a scent. I will need a secure fence with no holes, or be walked on a leash, because I sniffed out all the escape routes in my foster mom’s fence on my first night!

Are you ready for some unconditional beagle love and laughter at my beagle-y antics? If so, consider adding me to your family!

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).