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Gender: Male Age: 9 years - AARB Status: Available
Sponsored By:
Sherry Morgan. Ronda Blayer. Yuqing Shao. Andrew and Jenifer Schreiner: In memory of our beloved Scout who just passed. Good luck sweet boy. Holly Pozzi: Sending love from me and my one-eyed wonder beagle, Clancy. Shannon Woods. Kelly Spanke: Hugs and love sent to sweet boy Scout. Anonymous: Hope Scout will have no more health issues in the future. Elizabeth Cash. Christina Babich: Sending so much love from Christina and fellow Beagle rescues Bowie Mercury & Jack Elvis.

My name is Scout aka Scouty or Mr. Scouters and I am a 9 year old blind beagle boy. Foster mom thought she had made a mistake when she agreed to foster me, but I proved to her that I’m not much different than other beagles. I showed her I can mark every tree in the yard, ferociously howl defending the yard, and claim the best spot on the couch. I love adventures but I can also be a couch potato. I’m not the biggest love bug but I enjoy the occasional pat and love to sit right next to you. Since I’m blind, the rescue bought me a halo to wear so I don’t bump into things. I’m still learning how to move with it on and it can be helpful in new places.

I love going on walks. I do pull sometimes on a leash, but I’m easily redirected and need your help to keep me on track and not run into anything. I’m pretty good with my foster dog siblings but we’ve learned a few things. If I have doggie siblings, they need to be laid back and not defensive as I will probably run into them, accidentally jump on them, or growl at them if I am surprised. I usually don’t mean it, I just can’t see! I also can’t distinguish between doggie noses or human fingers so little humans might be too much for me. I would do better in a home with older children or no children. I am not good with cats. I usually don’t have accidents in the house and we are working on our potty routine. I like to sleep on your bed. I really hate the crate. We used it a few times but it upset me too much.

Both my eyes were removed due to glaucoma and I had a few infected teeth that were also removed. I also have a heart murmur which can be common in older dogs. We know it’s there but haven’t done any diagnostics. I definitely don’t let the murmur slow me down and I hope my furever family will help me stay active as long as I can.

NOTE: Dog may be located in any of our six volunteer states (WI, IL, IN, OH, PA, MI).